You’re not ALONE! So, why be mistreated by insurance companies, and federal or state
agencies? What did you do about it? Probably nothing. Many certified licensed insurance
professionals have been faced with similar challenges, and today, those issues still remain
unchanged. Fortunately, you now have a confident voice to advocate on your behalf. This
insurance network will speak up and speak out with actions that courageously represent
members of the association. Members’ voices shall be amplified before massive groups of
decision makers.

An insurance companies & dominating presence has restricted independent agents from
achieving successful remedies. However, if our community comes together for a common
cause, the result will be a positive impact with favors. Members of the association receive
representation to advocate on issues regarding insurance companies and federal or state
agencies. Some of the NEED issues that relate to insurance professionals consist of:

  •  Healthcare Universal Insurance Product Certification (one certification that applies to each insurance company)
  • Healthcare Universal FMO Release Process
  • Commission Dispute
  • Commission Payout Timing
  • Eliminate Ambiguity in Contracting (such as Agent of Record)

 Many professionals and businesses within the insurance industry have blueprints that have
been followed for a number of years, and then handed down to newcomers. Since the
COVID-19 arrival, customers have been desperately distanced from their favorite insurance
professionals. No need to place a closed sign in the window, for this virus has shut down and
closed windows airtight. Insurance professionals now face unlimited opportunities to serve
customers face to face and a new challenging opportunity to communicate within virtual
markets. You’ve probably asked, “What changes have to be made for the business to
survive?” The answer would be to implement a hybrid and virtual environment with
community organizational relationships.

 What if the escalator becomes more stabilized and empowered with a network whose primary
aim would be to lessen the load and help create stronger leadership, customer retention, and
liquidity. As a result, this would enable professionals to connect with a powerful influence that
will offer answers and solutions to challenges found in the insurance industry. A network
who’s the interconnection with local community social groups such as: senior groups, veteran
groups, and disability groups has formed a coalition for quality service and affordable
insurance with first class customer services. So, what is the name of this organization? ONE
Insurance Network Association!

ONE Insurance Network – a trade insurance association for independent insurance
professionals and some of those issues consist of the following:

  •  Focus on Advocacy. Issues that may include agent commissions not being paid on
  • time and strategies used to obtain compliance.
  • Create an awareness of compliance and regulatory issues with social security and
    medicare. Industry experts offer recommendations to law makers for new policies
    before they are developed.

 Benefits of a Premier Associate Member would include the following:
• Legal Support team
• CEO Roundtable
• Discounts, Incentives and Perks
• Legislator connection
Connect with ONE Insurance Network, a member association whose voice and commitment
advocates and creates business opportunities within the insurance industry.